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Starting with a camera and my beautiful newborn daughter, I first got behind the lens in 2012 to capture photos I could share with my cross-country family. I quickly took to the camera and my hobby soon blossomed with possibility. I began to see photography as more than just a creative outlet and became a full time wedding photographer in order to build something more meaningful. With my husband’s encouragement and by the grace of God, I have been on this incredible journey for five years and continue to share that passion with countless couples and their families.  

As a Dallas wedding photographer, I partner alongside couples who seek genuine storytelling in their images. A unique marriage of skills allows me to feel just as comfortable one-on-one with brides and grooms as I am snapping my way through a packed dance floor. This allows me to ensure that the romance of a wedding day and the thrill its celebration are equally documented.

In my home, we embrace life with laughter, singing, and dancing. We never take ourselves too seriously - and that's just how I love relating with brides and grooms! You see, while many like to imagine a wedding day as a moment in time for the couple, the truth is that I get to be their cheerleader for that special season. Witnessing a couple’s journey from engaged to married is truly fulfilling, and delivering images that perfectly represent their story is a dream come true.

Passionate about marriage and family, wedding photography is one of my greatest callings outside of my home. Home is where my husband and children live, where faith is my foundation, and just so happens to be the great state of Texas. I work to cultivate an effortlessly joyful experience and provide timeless photos that will grace your own home for years to come.

Hi, there! I'm Emily

My story doesn't begin with a lifelong pursuit of art. It begins with love...and a quietly imagined “what if.”  

Does this make me basic? Maybe - but let it be known that I can’t (and don’t) start my day without a warm, frothy mug of caffeine in my hands!



As a long-time vocalist and performer, music has always been in my blood. My husband and I also love attending live shows - some of our favorite concerts are Muse, Dave Barnes, and Johnnyswim. (Yes, we run the gamut in music...and on that note, I can’t go a few days without putting on some Cardi B!)



I could spend hours - and way too much money - on makeup! I love watching tutorials on Youtube and think applying makeup is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.



We are self-professed Disney addicts! In a perfect world, we’d make a trip to Disneyworld twice a year, but #timeandmoney.  



Carbs, vegetables, protein - it checks every box, am I right? I could honestly have pizza for every single meal!



i can't live without...

Weddings come and go in the blink of an eye. The memories you make will live long beyond them. I care about the way you feel within those joyful moments, so I take the time to understand what’s most important to you on your wedding day. As you share your dreams with me, I serve to help you see them through!

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