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Friend, I’ve been there - and I got you! There’s just one thing that I love more than serving my couples - and that’s equipping other photographers who are right where I was six years ago.

Hey there, fellow photographer!

I see you hustling to bring your dream to life. You’re in the trenches of owning your own creative business, sacrificing sleep and sanity to make ends meet. It can be difficult and downright isolating. But what if you didn’t have to do it alone?

While many view our field as one that operates first and foremost out of creativity, I believe that balancing creative passion with profit-generating savvy is the key to sustainability. I’ve made it my mission to help creatives learn how to sharpen their sales, marketing, and business building skills while at the same time working on their technical abilities as photographers. From educational blog posts and downloads to our annual REFRAME Workshop based in Dallas, I’ve got you covered!
Below you’ll find all the resources you need to become an amazing photographer with a profitable and long-lasting business!

Be more than just creative
Fall in love with your business
Balance passion and profit


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“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Emily. Not only is she a fun and amazing person to work with, but she made this whole session experience a very delightful one. She took the time to answer all of my questions, provided me with tons of feedback, and equipped me with the right knowledge, guidance and tools to help grow and elevate my business!”

“I can now see my business from a totally different perspective!”

what past students are saying

Mary Talamantes

“Not long after watching Emily do a fantastic job photographing my best friend’s wedding, I saw one of her posts about coaching sessions and booked immediately. I learned so much from our session together. She placed emphasis on the areas I was most concerned with and during the guided engagement session we laughed so hard I cried! Emily was so real and I felt so comfortable that I almost forgot I was actually learning, not just hanging out with a friend! She is an incredible mentor!”

“I learned so much...she completely customized our session!”

what past students are saying

Ayla Kiepert

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