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If you’ve been in the wedding industry for any amount of time, there’s probably one term you’re all too familiar with, and that might even bring about some feelings of frustration. That term is “being GHOSTED!” For those of you who don’t know, “ghosted” is when you’re contacted by a prospect and begin exchanging a […]

How To Avoid Being Ghosted

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This past summer I had the honor of traveling out of Texas to celebrate Danielle and Alex at their Disney inspired New Jersey beach wedding! I will be totally honest – although I’m used to traveling, New Jersey was definitely a first for me! Let’s just say that I felt very southern – and more […]

Disney Wedding at Crystal Point Yacht Club in New Jersey

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Y’all! Texas right now is having an identity crisis! It has been one of the rainiest seasons we’ve experienced in a long time – and today is particularly wet, dreary, and cold! I am currently working through emails and questionnaires for upcoming November weddings – Alyssa and David’s big day being one of them! These […]

Flippen Park Engagement Session

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Can we all just agree that moving is the absolute worst? It only takes one or two rounds of packing, unpacking, and starting all over again in a new area to understand how difficult it can be! As a matter of fact, research indicates that moving is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce, or […]

relocate your wedding photography business moving

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For me, there is something absolutely magical about fall and winter! I love everything that is typically associated with the turn of the seasons…the chill in the air, the way the colors change from shades of red to neutral, and the way that the holidays all just kind of flow together. Jackie and Eric’s Winter […]

Fall White Rock Lake Engagement Session

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Oh, Katie and Alex – where do I even start? I had the honor of capturing the wedding for these two beautiful souls this past summer, and I am still pinching myself. Kind, gracious, generous…these words don’t even begin to adequately describe this couple! I could go on and on, but instead I’ll share about […]

Las Colinas Country Club Wedding

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