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If you’re like most photographers, you love the process of working with your subjects and actually “shooting” – it’s the editing part that tends to be such a drag! Although I do know lots of photographers who really thrive on getting to their computer, unloading their images, and making the “magic” happen, I’d say the […]

Tips To Speed Up Your Editing Workflow

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If you’ve been in the wedding industry for any amount of time, there’s probably one term you’re all too familiar with, and that might even bring about some feelings of frustration. That term is “being GHOSTED!” For those of you who don’t know, “ghosted” is when you’re contacted by a prospect and begin exchanging a […]

How To Avoid Being Ghosted

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Can we all just agree that moving is the absolute worst? It only takes one or two rounds of packing, unpacking, and starting all over again in a new area to understand how difficult it can be! As a matter of fact, research indicates that moving is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce, or […]

relocate your wedding photography business moving

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Something that we photographers tend to be fantastic at is focusing on our work and all of the things that can make our images better.  We love investing in the latest and greatest gear, education to improve our photography, and editing tools to ensure the final product is perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with […]

How to Elevate your Client Experience

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How often do you find yourself staring at a to-do list, completely overwhelmed by everything you see? When you’ve got lots and lots to do, it is so easy to miss the forest for the trees. We tend to totally stress out rather than taking time to evaluate our priorities. This is where my favorite […]

Two Minute Rule for Photographers

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As a wedding photographer and small business owner, I am always looking for time saving hacks, especially when it comes to client communication.  Since I use email for just about everything, I knew that there had to be a way to minimize the amount of time I was spending in my inbox.  I realized that I […]

Gmail Canned Responses Blog Header

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