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Being a photographer blesses me in so many different ways. I am allowed intimate little glimpses into the lives of others, capturing a brief moment of time to which no one else is privy. For example, I’m privileged enough in many cases to see the bride prior to the wedding day during a bridal session. […]

Family Photographer in Dallas Texas

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A couple months ago, I had the privilege of meeting my good friends Cory and Bishop for a photo session to commemorate their quickly growing relationship. They were both getting ready to move to Ohio in order to begin their future together. Although they were not engaged at the time of the session, the word […]

Columbia SC Engagement Photographer

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Today is a very out-of-the-ordinary post for me! Although I absolutely ADORE babies and love looking at newborn photography, I am simply not a newborn or baby photographer. Most people don’t realize that newborn photography is definitely an art unto itself, and requires lots of practice, training, and the right toolset to properly execute. It […]

Columbia Wedding Photographer

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Since I started focusing on couples and weddings, I don’t get the opportunity to photograph families and children quite as much any more. However, this past year I decided to briefly open up my schedule to welcome new and familiar families who were eager to capture some sweet moments, whether it be for home decoration […]

Columbia South Carolina photographe

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I have the privilege of meeting some pretty awesome people with my job as a wedding photographer. Sabrina and Josh are one such couple… and boy, has it been amazing to get to know them! When I first ventured into wedding photography just over a year ago, I placed a couple of ads on Craigslist […]

Columbia, SC Anniversary Session at the State House Steps

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Everyone who is ANYONE in the wedding industry in Columbia, SC knows who Meagan Warren is – and it’s not just because she is the top wedding coordinator in the area! That certainly plays into it, but what I discovered after spending the day with Meagan is that she is one of the warmest, friendliest, […]

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