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Cary, NC Engagement Photographer | Cory + Bishop

March 11, 2015

Columbia SC Wedding Photographer

A couple months ago, I had the privilege of meeting my good friends Cory and Bishop for a photo session to commemorate their quickly growing relationship. They were both getting ready to move to Ohio in order to begin their future together. Although they were not engaged at the time of the session, the word “marriage” had been freely and agreeably discussed. They knew exactly where the Lord was leading them in terms of their love for one another, and I absolutely adored how honest they were about it. Their love was (and is) a subtle type of love that doesn’t come thrashing in, but gently and gradually makes it presence known until you wondered how you ever did without it.

Fast forward just a little while later, after the pair had relocated to Ohio. Dustin and I received a text message from Cory: “You’re going to see an engagement on Facebook this Saturday!” I was beside myself with excitement and eager anticipation, waiting from afar for the updates to roll in. And sure enough, that weekend Cory and Bishop’s future with one another became even clearer than ever.

Since they’d been talking about getting engaged for awhile, Cory didn’t expect to totally surprise Bishop. As a matter of fact, that morning, he left her a note that said “I’m going to ask you to marry me today,” and then had instructions for how she should go about the rest of the day. He planned out a guided experience where Bishop would run into close family and friends that meant lots to Bishop – I think this part was a surprise, judging by the tears. :) By the time Bishop was directed to her sister’s house where Cory was waiting for her, she was already starting to tear up and so ready to say YES when Cory got down on one knee to propose! He also presented Bishop with a kitten that had “will you marry me?” engraved on a silver heart that hung from the collar, and even dubbed it “Gage” (short for engagement!). Don’t worry, this was cleared with her beforehand. :)


Since these images were captured prior to the engagement, you won’t see a ring in the photos here. :) But what you will see is two incredible souls in awe that their earnest prayers to God have been answered in one another. You’ll see authenticity, joy, and deep gratitude for God’s great provision.

Cory and Bishop – I could not be more excited for you both to experience the delight that a marriage firmly nestled in our Father’s hands can bring!

columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_1995columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_1998columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_1999columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2000Right after this one, Bishop said, “You weren’t supposed to do that…” I think Cory might have stolen this kiss. ;) columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2001columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2002columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2003columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2006columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2004columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2005columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2007columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_2009columbia-sc-wedding-photographer-cory-bishop_1997

Emily Chappell is a Columbia Wedding Photographer and Greenville Wedding Photographer, in Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina. She also specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Cary and Raleigh-Durham and is a destination wedding photographer who loves to travel. Contact Emily Chappell Photography for more information about Columbia South Carolina Wedding Photography in Columbia, SC.

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    Haha, thanks Kim! ;)

  3. I love this session. I love the story behind it too. The idea of getting the kitten with the engraving is perfect! Gage is the perfect name :) So sweet!

  4. lovely couple and lovely images!! =)

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