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emily chappell

Photographing Joyful Weddings Since 2013

Rustic beauty, soaring wooden ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and big open skies. All of this and so much more make Chapel Creek Ranch in Denton Texas one of the most popular places to get married in the North Dallas area. As a brand new Dallas wedding venue, Chapel Creek Ranch has been booking like crazy despite the construction. Couples are in love with the property and its history, but it also has a lot to do with the vision that has been cast by venue manager Courtney Davis who has worked closely with the venue owners throughout the entire process.

Bubbly, sweet, and extremely professional, Courtney is “the face” of Chapel Creek Ranch in Denton. It is so easy to see why brides would want someone like her in their corner on the biggest day of their lives! From the moment that I reached out about visiting the venue to the easy conversation we exchanged in her bright office, Courtney was an absolute delight to get to know. She was also incredibly accommodating in helping me learn more about the gorgeous wedding venue. Now, I’m excited to share with you all of the inside information and some photographs of Chapel Creek Ranch in Denton Texas!

Tell us how Chapel Creek Ranch came to be…

“Chapel Creek Ranch started with the vision of turning an abandoned farm into a wedding venue. The house which sat on the farm has been gutted and turned into our quaint white-washed beauty we call The Chapel. Ponds have been dug, fountains have been installed, and rocks have been moved – but the nearness you feel to the history at Chapel Creek Ranch is one of the best parts about it. With much intention and consideration, a brand new, high-vaulted ceiling barn has been constructed and now serves as our main reception space. The chandeliers, balcony, and fresh smell of wood naturally draw you into this space. The barn is like a blank canvas and so versatile. So whether you’re a rustic bride who wears cowboy boots, a Southern charm gal with a little more elegance or even a laid back bohemian bride, the barn at Chapel Creek Ranch is wonderful for so many styles and visions!”

Tell us about an upcoming wedding you’re particularly excited about…

“An upcoming wedding I am most excited for is honestly… All of them! This especially applies for some of our first bookings when we could only offer our vision for Chapel Creek Ranch during their tour. The relationships we have established with most of our brides is so awesome, and seeing their eyes light up when they see the final product of the venue is incredible. We have one couple who took their engagement pictures pre-construction and they’ll be taking their wedding pictures obviously with everything complete so I’m really excited to see their day come to fruition!”

How far in advance do you recommend that couples book and pay their deposit to secure their wedding day at Chapel Creek Ranch?

“I would recommend booking a wedding with us 8-9 months out. Now that we’re open, dates are being booked pretty quickly. However, our first few months (this summer) are more open because of the construction. Hint, hint to anyone considering an elopement!”

What is included when a couple books their wedding at Chapel Creek Ranch?

“When you book at Chapel Creek Ranch, these are the following amenities we offer:

– All-day, exclusive access to the entire venue
– All tables and chairs included
– Multiple photo sessions before your wedding date
– Access to preferred vendor list
– Ability to bring in outside vendors
– Morning of rehearsal
– Clean up service after your event
– Fully customizable payment plans
– Skeet shooting
– Bistro lighting in the barn
– PA system
– Options of indoor or outdoor ceremony locations.”

How many guests can Chapel Creek Ranch accomodate?

“We can accommodate for 350 guests.”

What does the average couple spend booking their wedding day with you?

“The average couple spends $6,000 to book their wedding at Chapel Creek Ranch!”

What makes Chapel Creek Ranch different from other venues in the DFW Metroplex?

“There are two things that truly make Chapel Creek Ranch different from many other venues in the DFW area. The first would have to be the originality of the venue. You can very rarely find farm equipment that has grown into the trees or 100 year old, white-washed shiplap in the chapel. The rich history of Chapel Creek Ranch truly makes it stand out from most.

The second thing would have to be the amount of care we have for our couples. I always tell people how easy it is (HA! Who am I kidding?) to open up a wedding venue, but it is the amount of love and care you extend to each couple or guest who walks through your doors… That is the challenging part, especially with the venue only getting busier and busier. I believe it is so important, being in the wedding industry, to remember how important of a role you play in someone’s special day – especially being the background for their wedding. Basically, we love the crap out of our couples and we want them to always know that!”

What is one interesting fact about Chapel Creek Ranch?

“One interesting fact about Chapel Creek Ranch is that the old barns are filled with, as one of our owners Jimmy would call them, “treasures.” We have found an old German bible, framed documents dated back to 1917 and old bourbon bottles. We plan on cleaning everything up to restore all the gems we find!”

What are some exciting plans you have for Chapel Creek Ranch in the future?

“One exciting plan we’ve talked about incorporating into our Phase 2, 3, 4 or 5,000 (we want to do a lot) is converting the storm shelters by the chapel into wine cellars. There are two cellars on site that were used for canning and contain old mason jars. We really love to idea of turning these into functional wine cellars, but for now we have to focus on finishing up our Phase 1!

Also, I’m super duper excited to have my wedding here one day. Yes I occasionally cry happy tears thinking about it and no I’m not engaged… But a girl can dream. ;)”

What is your absolute favorite thing about working at Chapel Creek Ranch?

“I have too many favorites about Chapel Creek Ranch to name one of them! Specifically speaking of this wedding venue, I would have to say the people I work for. Before being blessed by this opportunity, I prayed to work for someone who was God-fearing and carries the same values as I do. By the grace of God here I am working for a couple of totally awesome families, with the opportunity to extend that same love to people who experience Chapel Creek Ranch.

To answer your question of working for a wedding venue, it is definitely getting to know each and every couple. I have realized how different, special and important each couple is and being able to be a light in their life for a short time is something that is so incredible and FUN!”

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