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I can’t believe I’m posting this – my beautiful baby girl turned SIX last week! Austyn’s “official” birthday was on August 2nd and although we had a party planned for her the following Sunday, we still had to celebrate THE ACTUAL day! She got donuts for breakfast and for dinner requested Boston Market for dinner […]

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How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day this year? If I’m being 100% honest, Dustin and I aren’t huge Valentine’s Day people. I know that it might seem a little strange given that I’m in the wedding industry! I mean, don’t I basically make a living off of feelings and emotions? Well, yes…but I personally don’t think […]

Daddy-Daughter Dance in Plano by Dallas Wedding Photographer

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I can’t believe I’m blogging about my son’s SECOND BIRTHDAY, which was yesterday! How crazy is that? I know it’s said over and over again, but I seriously cannot figure out for the life of me where the time goes! We aren’t big birthday party people, especially at the age that Lincoln’s at right now. […]

Lincoln's Second Birthday

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some real talk with the chappell family It’s time for another personal update! And from the start, I just have to say how much it makes me laugh…every time I share a personal blog, it gets more attention than anything else! Y’all LOVE when I post photos of my adorable children, which in turn makes […]

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes

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Despite how crazy this fall has been with weddings almost every weekend, we have had so much fun with everything the season brings! I just love how temperatures start to drop (depending on the day when you’re in Texas) and everyone’s flavor palette begins embracing my favorite – PUMPKIN SPICE! Seriously, I’ve bought so much […]

Personal Fall Blog Post by Dallas Photographer

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goodbye summer, hello fall It’s hard to believe that another summer has come and gone! Austyn, who turned FIVE on August 2nd, has begun her final year of preschool! We decided to have her do a repeat year rather than start kindergarten since she has a late birthday. And Lincoln, my little Buddy Bear/Buddy Doo/Buddy […]

Personal Post by Dallas Wedding Photographer

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