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Life as a Family of Four | Dallas Wedding and Engagement Photographer

June 7, 2016

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Recently, I feel like I have been the absolute worst at posting about my personal life. And you know, a lot has happened in the past few months besides weddings!

Most notably, we are officially a family of four! It’s been, oh you know, four months, but I needed a reason to share our little life here on my blog as well as a few photos. And really, who doesn’t love baby photos?

Lincoln Russell was welcomed into this world on February 6, 2016 and gave me the easiest birth I could have hoped for. People used to tell me all the time that Austyn resembles her Daddy – but after they see Lincoln, I think their minds are blown a little! He is SUCH a miniature Dustin from the way that he locks his gaze on you to the scowl he sometimes (unintentionally) gives! My favorite thing about having a little boy is getting to interact with baby Dustin. It’s such an amazing glimpse into the past.

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I’ve also loved getting to watch Lincoln and Austyn interact together. I’m so happy with their age difference (3.5 years) because she’s old enough to not be too jealous of the new baby and instead is totally enamored by him. That being said, she’s also young enough to not be completely aware of their size difference, which can pose a problem when all she wants to do is hug and squeeze Lincoln! Our baby boy has taken it all in like a trooper though, and safe to say he is just as in love with Austyn as she is with him. :)

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The toughest thing about having two young children has been maintaining a work life on top of everything else that has priority. My family comes first above all, but my clients are also important. I have every intention of continuing to shoot weddings (and recently have taken on a few editing clients) as it is my way of not only fulfilling a desire of my own, but also providing for my family. I love that I have the flexibility to be home with my babies when needed, but on Fridays/Saturdays I can go do what fuels my soul. It’s during the week that this can become more of a juggling act with emails, book keeping (let’s not even get started on that…), and of course editing. Miraculously, I’ve been able to stay on top of it all while still spending quality time with my kids, but it’s truly a very, VERY careful balance. Let’s just say that I’m having a tough time convincing myself that housework is just going to have to come later in life!

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Yesterday, Lincoln turned four months old, and is growing like crazy. He weighs in at 15 lbs 15 oz and is 25.2 inches long. Lincoln still nurses well, helping me shed those last few mommy pounds, and has hit lots of milestones so far. For example, he’s lifting his head up on his own with little to no effort on his belly, rolls back to front and front to back aaaaall day long, and grabs/reaches like no one’s business. His little smile lights up our world – boy do we love to work for those giggles!

That’s life these days – just the four of us, happily settled into Dallas, Texas where God promised us we’d end up years ago. Except I never imagined I’d be photographing weddings to help provide – but that’s another story, as y’all know! Each wedding I shoot is profoundly influenced by these three amazing individuals I am so blessed to call my family in more ways than I can explain. They truly inspire me to find the “heart” in every frame I capture, whether it’s a daddy-daughter dance, a first kiss, or the nervous but giddy glances a mom and daughter exchange during the getting ready process. I’m privileged to have my tribe supporting me every step of the way and shaping me into the wife, mommy, Christ-follower, and photographer I am now and will become!

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Thank you Emily Tirado for blessing us with beautiful family photos!

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