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Shannon and Curtis: White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

March 13, 2018

White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

I think I am just going to come out and say it – Shannon and Curtis are probably one of the coolest couples I have ever had the privilege of photographing. I totally realize that this is coming from a completely UN-cool pastor’s wife and mom of two! But I mean it – if I could be just half as cool as they are, I’d be ecstatic! With that said, I am so happy to share some of my favorites from Shannon and Curtis’s White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session!

Exploring White Rock Lake and Griggs Park (a new stop for me!) was such a wonderful way to get to know Shannon and Curtis. Shannon is from Louisiana (where I was actually born, along with lots of my family) and knows a handful of my family members! Such a small world! Shannon loved the way the natural light looks year round at White Rock Lake, which is why we decided it would be perfect for a winter engagement session. They even brought along their fur baby Bodie! He was SO stinking cute and well behaved – but I am not sure how he felt about my camera, hahaha!

After we enjoyed some of the beautiful golden light at White Rock Lake, we headed to Griggs Park for some Dallas skyline photos. It was important to Curtis to incorporate some of the city scenery in their session, which I absolutely loved as a compliment to the natural setting they had at White Rock. I had never been to Griggs Park before and was thankful for Curtis’s suggestion! The sun went down over the horizon in the perfect location for beautiful light! No surprise there – as you will learn later, Curtis is ever the shutterbug and loves capturing important moments through photos!

One of my favorite things about spending time with Shannon and Curtis was observing how much fun they truly have together. They are so down to earth and don’t take themselves too seriously, which I love! At the same time, they clearly have deep admiration and respect for one another. They are the epitome of what is called a power couple, but still treat one another with love and kindness. What an amazing combination that will surely set them up for a lifetime of fulfilling marriage!

Shannon and Curtis are tying the knot this April at La Cour. I can’t wait to work with this beautiful couple again and look forward to telling their love story! For now, enjoy my favorites from their White Rock Lake and Griggs Park engagement session and learn more about them below!

White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

How did you two meet?

“We met as the result of a setup! We first met at Victor Tangos and enjoyed a couple of drinks and great conversation.”

How did Curtis propose?

“Curtis proposed at our house one evening the night before I was leaving to go home to Louisiana to see my parents for Thanksgiving (he couldn’t make the trip due to his work schedule). We had planned a dinner date out that night since I was going to be out of town for several days. Just before we were leaving for dinner, Curtis presented me with a photo album (old-school kind) that he created that documented our relationship. At the end of the album, a very important trip was revealed to me… He had taken a secret trip to my hometown a few weeks earlier to visit with my parents and ask for their permission to marry me. I was overwhelmed with surprise and emotion, and once I realized what was happening, he got down on one knee, said some things that I don’t remember, and asked me to marry him!”

White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

What has you MOST excited for your upcoming wedding at La Cour Venue in McKinney?

“The thing I’m most excited about and looking forward to is having all the people I love and all the people he loves together in one place. Our families have not met yet, so I’m really excited for everyone to get to know each other. As far as details, we are both really excited about our venue, La Cour. It was the first venue we visited and we decided almost immediately afterwards that we didn’t need to see any others. It’s a beautiful and intimate venue inspired by Louisiana architecture, so it reminds me of home.”

Tell us about your engagement session style choices!

“We had a lot of fun with this since we chose two locations and therefore had an outfit change. For our first location at White Rock Lake, Curtis wore a navy and gray plaid shirt with a gray quarter-zip sweater, jeans, and brown boots. I wore a navy floral maxi dress with nude block-heel sandals. For our second location at Griggs Park, Curtis wore a gray and white checkered shirt with a navy plaid sport coat, jeans, and brown boots, and I wore a long-sleeve fitted ivory lace top with a burgundy tulle skirt and nude heels.”

White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?

“Yes! Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone a little (but still look like you). I’m a jeans kind of girl, but after looking through lots of engagement photos online, I noticed that more feminine silhouettes photographed better in my opinion. I stepped out of my comfort zone with the burgundy tulle skirt, but I absolutely love the way it turned out in the photos.

As far as coordinating his and hers outfits, go for colors that compliment each other, but not matchy-matchy. If one person is waring a lighter color on top, the other person should wear a darker color on top and vise versa to have some contrast. Guys look so handsome in jackets/suits so take advantage of the opportunity to dress up a little, even if only for a few photos.

And if you’re nervous about being in front of a camera like we were, a shot or two of whiskey beforehand doesn’t hurt!” (From Emily – this is actually not a bad idea, haha!)

White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

Tell me one interesting thing about one another!

From Shannon: “Curtis is the guy who never forgets to take the picture. Anytime he’s with friends or family or doing something fun, he’s always the one to capture the moment, even if they are annoyed that he’s doing it…although they are always appreciative after the fact! Also, he legit HATES chocolate, so there’s that… ”

From Curtis: “Shannon is a dietician and also a foodie which some may think doesn’t go together but she manages to strike the perfect balance between consistent healthy eating and the occasional indulgence. She’ll crush a cheeseburger and knock back some bourbon with the best of em, and she makes a mean gumbo! I’m pretty stubborn and set in my ways on some things, but she’s such a great cook that she’s managed to push me out of my comfort zone to eat foods I never thought I would enjoy. Chocolate not being one of them though, I’m afraid that one’s a lost cause.

She also has an incredible and unique sense of style. This is obviously great for me, not only because she always looks fantastic, but also because I don’t ever have to worry about shopping for clothes or home furnishing/decorations ever again!”

White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session
White Rock Lake and Griggs Park Engagement Session

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