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Personal Update: Lincoln Turns Two

February 7, 2018

Lincoln's Second Birthday

I can’t believe I’m blogging about my son’s SECOND BIRTHDAY, which was yesterday! How crazy is that? I know it’s said over and over again, but I seriously cannot figure out for the life of me where the time goes!

We aren’t big birthday party people, especially at the age that Lincoln’s at right now. I just have a hard time seeing the point in them just yet, so it’s an expense that I’d rather allocate elsewhere. We’ll revisit when he’s three or four – kind of like how we did with Austyn! However, I definitely wanted Lincoln to feel special – and most of all CELEBRATED – which is just what we did! We shared cupcakes and presents, and of course sang “Happy Birthday” to our Buddy!

In honor of Lincoln’s big day, here’s an update of some of his favorite things, and how he has grown…

  • He loves SPORTS – anything involving throwing/catching a ball! He knows the difference between baseball, football, and basketball when he sees it on television!
  • He is FAST…SO fast…and pretty coordinated!
  • His favorite food is hotdogs and goldfish.
  • Current favorite song is “Purple Rain” (thanks Austyn).
  • Lincoln adores Mickey and Minnie, Peppa Pig, and Minions.
  • He making “hyper-masculine” sounds, including grunts/roars/etc.
  • He loves wearing shoes (especially his Mickey slippers) any chance he can get.
  • Lincoln is extremely ticklish – there’s not much I won’t do to get that adorable chuckle of his!
  • As always, he loves playing with Austyn, dancing, and singing!
  • Last night he saw his Daddy hanging something on the wall with a nail and hammer…so he went to get his plastic hammer to “help”!
  • Some cute words of his: “Wah-guh” (water), “Bickey” (Mickey), “Dah-Dahs” (Minions), “Boon” (Balloon), “Deedees” (Candy), “Bah-tee” (Brush teeth), “Poopoo” (I’ll let you figure that one out…), “Traaaaain”, “Hole-joo” (Hold you). He definitely isn’t as verbose as Austyn was at his age, but he’s much more active and physical.

Son, I am so thankful that God has entrusted ME to be your Mommy. I feel undeserving of the joy you bring me every day. It’s a delight to wake up to those big blue eyes of yours, knowing that there is so, so much in store! I cannot wait to see what your third year of life brings…the boy you will become, and how God will use you in amazing ways! I still feel completely unprepared to be a “boy mom”, but thank goodness grace abounds. I pray that I (along with your Daddy) am able to model strength, courage, dignity, kindness, respect, and love for you to witness as you grow. You are so special, and loved more than you will ever know! Happy Birthday, Buddy Bear!

Dallas Photographer Second Birthday
Dallas Photographer Second Birthday
Dallas Photographer Second Birthday
Dallas Photographer Second Birthday
Dallas Photographer Second Birthday
Dallas Photographer Second Birthday

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