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Personal Update: Austyn Turns Six

August 8, 2018

I can’t believe I’m posting this – my beautiful baby girl turned SIX last week!

Austyn’s “official” birthday was on August 2nd and although we had a party planned for her the following Sunday, we still had to celebrate THE ACTUAL day! She got donuts for breakfast and for dinner requested Boston Market for dinner – a girl of simple taste, haha! She loves their macaroni and turkey plates, and I’m not complaining because the price is right! :) I took her to get her nails done – we matched our purple nails and she asked for butterflies on her big toes. Later on that evening, Austyn indulged me by letting me take her out for a mini portrait session in her favorite dress! I love this tradition! It is such a blast not only seeing how she grows every year, but also watching her personality develop more and more as she grows older. It is so bittersweet watching my precious girl growing up; however, she just continues to get to be even more and more fun! I can’t believe that I get to be her mommy!

We don’t do birthday parties every year, but we thought it would be neat to do one this year because Austyn is about to enter kindergarten AND it’s her first birthday in our new house…with a pool! So naturally a pool party it was! Austyn picked out a cute little two tier birthday cake from Market Street decorated with white and pink daisies. She kept asking for a fairy cake topper, so I found a small ceramic Tinkerbell figurine with light up wings to go on top! We had pizza, dessert, and lots of swimming and playing – overall, the party was a success and it was so so so much fun to watch Austyn playing with her little friends!

See below for some of my favorites from her photo shoot and her sixth birthday party…then skip down more for some fun Austyn facts!

Fun facts about Austyn, Six Year Old Fairy Mermaid Princess:

    • Can read just about anything
    • Working on math – can do basic addition
    • Loves learning new words
    • Favorite pastime is coloring and arts and crafts
    • Loves acting out scenes and pretending, especially playing like she has her own store or coffee shop
    • Favorite animal is a cat
    • Favorite color is pink
    • Favorite book and television show is Fancy Nancy
    • Prefers dresses and skirts over shirts/pants EVERY TIME
    • Loves dressing up and “getting fancy”
    • Could spend hours decorating and rearranging her room
    • Favorite “creatures” are mermaids and fairies
    • A bit of a hypochondriac :)
    • A nurturer at heart – loves to take care of others
    • A sensitive soul and an empath through and through


Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, caring six year old baby girl.  I can’t believe that I get the privilege of sharing life with you this side of heaven.  There are no words for me to express how proud I am of you!

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