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“My greatest strength…is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” Peter Drucker Too often I hear about wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs getting stuck on telling their prospect about their services and product during their sales meetings. Tell them all about you and your work, craft a halfway decent close, and you’ve got the […]

questions you should be asking at sales consults

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  What if I told you that there was one crucial task you’re missing that could be costing you thousands of dollars? Well, if you’re smart, you’d probably stop whatever it is you’re doing to hear what I have to say, am I wrong?  So, wedding photographers…sorry, NOT SORRY.  You need to hear this, and […]

The Art of How To Follow Up With Leads

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    Y’all remember this super cute video that went viral a few years back?  The one with the little girl in the backseat who keeps rebuffing her dad’s attempts to help with buckling her seatbelt? Instead of letting him assist, she keeps repeating: “WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF!” and it is seriously the most precious thing […]

Mind Your Own Business Stop Focusing On the Competition

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Something that we photographers tend to be fantastic at is focusing on our work and all of the things that can make our images better.  We love investing in the latest and greatest gear, education to improve our photography, and editing tools to ensure the final product is perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with […]

How to Elevate your Client Experience

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Today is going to be a bit of a sappy post, and I’m totally okay with that!  I’m in an industry where emotions run high and sentiments are valued, so in a way, I suppose it is fitting!  This post is directed toward my lovely brides and grooms – people who are the cornerstone of […]

The Knot Best of Weddings and Thank You

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Hello, all my Texas and South Carolina friends! Since we moved from South Carolina to Dallas, I have had a few emails asking whether I am still available for South Carolina weddings. Specifically, former couples have been wondering if they can continue to refer me to their engaged friends (which is awesome – referrals from […]

South Carolina wedding photographer

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