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For Photographers: Five Ways to Connect with Couples

October 9, 2017

Dallas Wedding Photographers - Connecting with CouplesHEY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Wedding photography is an extremely personal aspect of weddings –  I think we can all agree on that, right?  After all, on the day of a wedding, we end up spending more time with the bride than she will spend her future spouse!  I often tell my brides that I’m basically a bridesmaid with a camera instead of a bouquet!

With that being said, I cannot state enough how important it is to connect with your couples prior to and during the process of booking.  There are definitely times where I’ve gone into a wedding cold, but I don’t recommend it if at all possible.  When you’ve established a relationship in advance, everyone is happier and more comfortable!  Plus, it makes everything so much smoother on the day of a wedding!

Here are some ways I’ve found that you can connect with couples:


You can do this easily by being transparent and vulnerable on your about-me page (note, this doesn’t mean over-share!).  It’s always great to provide some information on how you got started, some interesting traits that make you unique, and why you love what you do.  Your ideal client will gravitate toward you if they feel a connection based on the information you share.

If you have a pricing and information guide that you send to prospects, you can go into depth about you and your family which provides an even stronger point of connection.  They will feel like they know you and thus be more willing to trust you in the process!

You might be like me and absolutely stink at writing about yourself.  If that’s the case, there is no shame in hiring someone to write about you!  Check out NOTEDbyERIN – she is amazing and a super talented writer!


When couples inquire about having me photograph their wedding day, I respond with a congratulatory email and a qualifying questionnaire.  This helps me to see whether we are a good fit, but also allows me to gather some information about the couple.  I want to know who it is I’m potentially working with.  The right couple will have no problem answering your questions and will probably be eager to do so!  As a matter of fact, I’ve been thanked on many occasions!

In addition to the logistics, some questions you might ask are: “How did you meet?  How did he propose?  What’s your favorite pasttime?”  You will probably find something you have in common with the couple which is exactly what you want in order to connect! :)  Pro tip: if you schedule a wedding consult with the couple, use this information to establish a relationship from the very beginning!


You all know how I feel about engagement sessions! :) Perfect chance to connect, perfect chance for the couple to get to know how you operate as a photographer!  This is definitely the best way to really “work” that relationship with brides and grooms.

That being said, I know that there are times where you might not end up shooting an engagement session for a couple.  Maybe they have already had one done, or maybe they just don’t want to do it for some extenuating reason!  If this is the case, make a point to schedule a pre-wedding consult or venue walk together if at all possible!


This is a very touchy subject, and I understand.  Some photographers and clients are simply more private than others.  But I will say, I really enjoy using social media to connect with my clients.  It’s so fun keeping up with couples as they go through the wedding planning process!  Seeing photos from their showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more is really cool.  After the wedding, I continue engaging with my clients here and there through social media and OH MY GOODNESS…when they start having babies, you realize just how special it is being a wedding photographer.  All of the feels!

I wait until after booking or sometimes even after an engagement session to send a friend request to my brides and grooms.  If they don’t have the option to send a friend request on their profile, I’ll just mention in an email that they are free to connect with me on Facebook if they would like to do so!


One of the easiest things to do to connect with your couples and show them you care is to thank them.  Let them know how much you value their investment in you.  Share with them how excited you are to share in this season of life.  This may seem super “schmaltzy” and emotional to some, but aren’t weddings just that?  Full of emotion, and heartfelt wishes?  Don’t be afraid to pour out your heart with gratitude, because people and relationships are truly at the heart of what we do as wedding photographers.

Emily Chappell is one of the premiere Dallas wedding photographers specializing in timeless, romantic, and joyful imagery.  From engagement photography in the Dallas area to wedding day photography, she has a passion for couples and their unique love stories.  Contact Emily Chappell Photography for more information on having her capture your big day!

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  1. Erin Jones says:

    Thanks for the love, Emily! You are an astonishingly talented photographer and as I look at your photos, I wish I could do my wedding day all over again. So glad we could connect and work together! xo Erin

  2. says:

    Aww! I meant each word! <3 Thank you so much for your sweet compliment!

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