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February 4, 2015

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Part of the reason why I like to blog is because I want to give my readers an insight into who I am. I truly want others to feel like they can connect with me on multiple levels, so what better way to do this than a random facts post? Let’s start!

1. I cannot smell – at all. Never have been able to, as a matter of fact!

2. I majored in music theatre and communications at MCC and Baylor in Waco, Texas and wanted to be on Broadway when I was younger. (I think I got a better deal!)

3. My favorite color is pink, or whatever my current obsession is at the time.

4. I have had two perms – one at eight and it was HORRIBLE…and one at 18 and I LOVED it.

5. I crossed “pixie cut” off of my bucket list two years ago.

6. I am a former pageant girl. Crazy, I know!

7. I was super quiet in high school.

8. I play a little bit of guitar and LOVE music.

9. I have attended two Hanson concerts – one when I was 10 or so, and one at the age of 21.

10. I love to travel and have been to Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Lucia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and France.

11. I got engaged in Paris!

12. I’ve had my nose and belly button pierced (so 90’s, I know) and still have my ears pierced twice.

13. I have a tattoo on the back of my shoulder. It’s a 6×4 outline of a bird with the tail dipping into a treble clef. I had it designed for our wedding stationery back in 2009.

14. I hate shrimp – it reminds me of cockroaches!

15. I love Sailor Moon – I’m a bit of a geek at heart!

Share something about yourself – I LOVE reading your comments and responses!

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  1. love these little snippets! And wow, I don’t know anyone that can’t smell.. i guess a blessing and a curse, haha. go Sailor Moon! ;-D

    (also love your work by the way.. =D)

  2. LOL this is great! I don’t see the connection between roaches and shrimp. Glad I don’t too because I love shrimp! PS….this blog is a great idea!

  3. Candy says:

    Super! I think Sailor Moon is awesome as well!

  4. Arica says:

    I like this idea for a blog post! I really feel like I know much more about you now. Relateable, friendly and fun! :)

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