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Devon and Corey: Devon and Corey’s Fall Engagement Session in Plano

February 16, 2018

Dallas Engagement Photographer


Late last fall, I had the honor of meeting with Devon and Corey to capture their sweet engagement session. It was wonderful having the opportunity to meet them, as I had only met Devon’s father at that time! (Fun fact – he was a fantastic photographer back in the day, and shared an absolutely beautiful photo album of his past portfolio work when we met to discuss his daughter’s wedding! So fun!). Anyway, Devon and Corey are absolutely delightful to work with, and I can’t wait to share their Plano engagement session and their love story with you!

St. Andrew UMC Engagement Session

Devon and Corey are adventure seekers but wanted an intimate session that focused on the love they share. It was Devon’s suggestion to have the engagement session at their church, St. Andrew UMC. They chose this location because of the sentimental attachment as well as the abundance of trees, stone walkways, and the cute pond accompanied by a creek and stone cross. The church was adorned with all the colors of fall in the background. I love Texas, but I have to admit that the fall color was not something I expected to see this season! Leaves on the ground and bare branches made for such a romantic day. I absolutely loved their laid back and fun attitudes as I captured some timeless photos of the two soon-to-be newlyweds. As an added bonus, I now have a new go-to spot for future sessions!


Love, God, and Football

Devon and Corey are both passionate about their Christian faith. I loved that we were able to incorporate their love for their Lord while also celebrating the love they have for each other. As an homage to their alma mater, Auburn, Devon and Corey brought along some pom-poms in their school’s colors! Would you believe that not even a week later, Auburn beat Alabama 14-26! Of course, I had to text Devon to congratulate them! I guess these two are the best good luck charms out there!


All in all, my day spent with Devon and Corey was simply beautiful. Devon’s cute and spunky personality shined throughout each photo. Corey’s passion for his beautiful fiance was so apparent, and I still grin ear-to-ear from their cute love story! Congratulations to this sweet couple! I am looking forward to documenting more of their love story at their wedding coming up this June at the Morgan Creek Barn!

 Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer

How did you two meet?
“Corey and I met for the first time when I began attending Auburn United Methodist Church at Auburn University back in 2012.  We knew who each other were, but never really crossed each other’s paths until two years later.  I was convinced to sing in the College Ministry Worship Band starting fall of 2014, a time in which Corey would fill in on percussion every now and then.  By the spring time, we were both pretty much regulars on the worship team and so we saw each other at practice, at the college service, and in the regular hangout spot, the College Room. That spring semester we started to realize how much we had in common and how much we enjoyed each other’s company.  May and June were full of driving aimlessly around Auburn in my car listening to music, several competitive tennis matches, and cooking dinners together.  That July he drove to Dallas for a U.S. Men’s National Team soccer game and while he was here he asked my dad for permission to date me.  The rest is history!”


How did he propose?

“So mine and Corey’s anniversary is in July, and he told me he had purchased airlines tickets for us to go to Colorado to see our favorite band, Needtobreathe, at Red Rocks Amphitheater (something that has always been on my bucket list). We had it all planned: we’d fly out on Tuesday night, go to the concert on Wednesday night, and fly back to Dallas on Thursday.  So Wednesday morning Corey told me he had talked to our friend Maggie, who is from the Denver area, about some things to keep us busy until the concert that night – her “suggestion” was to go see this beautiful lake near the summit of Mt. Evans…but first breakfast.  We went to this cute little cafe where I proceeded to eat this huge meal while Corey could barely eat two bites of the waffles he ordered!  I did ask him if he was alright because usually he is the one finishing MY food. He gave me some excuse about not eating much when he doesn’t get a lot of sleep the night before, so I shrugged it off not really thinking anything of it.  After breakfast, we started our drive to the top of the mountain. Once we reached the top and got out to walk around, I quickly realized that short sleeve tee and thin jacket didn’t adequately prepare me for how cold and windy it was going to be up there.  I slowly began to have a come apart moment because I was freezing.  Corey quickly ran over to the water and asked me to take some pictures of him on this rock in the lake with my nice camera that I brought along.  After that, he made the suggestion to have one of the “strangers” walking around the lake take our picture.  I noticed a gentleman walking around, also with a nice camera slung over his shoulder, so I suggested that he might be the best person to ask, so we did!  We took a couple and Corey had asked to look at them to make sure they were alright and said he “wasn’t happy” with those, so Corey asked him to take a couple more.  When we got back into our spot, Corey turned me towards him and got down on one knee.  To be completely honest, everything between Corey getting down on one knee and ‘Devon Lindsey, I love you so much. Will you marry me?’ is all a blur because I was so excited and surprised (and cold haha).  After yelling ‘what?!’ over and over again I finally said YES. I found out afterward that this had been planned for months – the ring, the plan, the photographer. It was by far the best surprise of my life thus far and I still smile every time I think about that day!”

Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer

 Tell me about the details you’re most excited about for your upcoming wedding!
“I have been dreaming of my wedding day for as long as I can remember! Pinterest has also helped in that excitement. I think I am excited about every little detail that will make our day so special – I can’t pick just one! I have always envisioned having a very rustic, simple, and classic ceremony and reception and I think that’s exactly what we’re going to achieve. Morgan Creek Barn is the PERFECT location to throw the biggest party with all of our friends and family. Truthfully, I am most excited to be marrying the best guy! We have had so much fun together so far in the last two and a half years and I know it’s only going to get better!”


What did you each wear to your session?
“Corey and I wanted to do both a dressy and casual outfit for our session. Our first outfits were more on the dressy side. I wore a flattering floral and green dress and Corey wore black dress pants and a light blue dress shirt that matched one of the flowers in my dress. Our more casual, “fall” outfit was definitely more of our speed. I wore a cream sweater with a tan vest, jeans, and my new favorite ankle boots and Corey wore a green and blue checkered button down and khaki pants.

Dallas Engagement Photographer
Dallas Engagement Photographer

What kind of look were you going for?
“We wanted to make sure our engagement pictures reflected who we were and what our personalities are like and I think we achieved that. We also wanted to have our pictures done in a place that could highlight how beautiful fall in Texas could be. We ended up choosing our church, St. Andrew UMC, which had an abundance of trees (with beautiful fall leaves), a creek and a pond, and some classic stone walkways.”

Dallas Engagement Photographer

 Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?
“Go into the session with an open mind. The point of these pictures is to show your personality and to HAVE FUN. If you go into the day all stressed with how uncomfortable you think it’s going to be, then it will definitely show in the pictures.”


How was your overall session experience?
“Our session was so great. Emily is the absolute best and knew how to work with us to make our personalities show perfectly in our photos. I was concerned with the session being awkward and forced but it was effortless. We had a ton of fun!”

Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer

Tell me one interesting or funny thing about each other!

From Devon: “Corey is THE BEST at surprises and gift giving, I don’t know how he does it. He has planned so many little trips from seeing Ben Rector perform at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to camping in Savannah, Georgia to our engagement in Colorado (with the included Needtobreathe concert at Red Rocks)! I know all of our adventures will only get sweeter as the years go by!”

Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer

From Corey: “One of my favorite qualities about Devon is her ability to put up with my shenanigans.  It manifests itself in many different ways, whether it’s laughing off my spells of weirdness, or being on board to trespass so we can find the best puddles to splash each other with during a late night monsoon.  I’m a huge fan of adventure, and when it comes to having the best partner with which to experience life’s greatest moments, I couldn’t ask for a better person than Devon.”

Dallas Engagement Photographer Dallas Engagement Photographer

Capturing this engagement session for Devon and Corey as their Dallas Engagement Photographer was such an honor. Congratulations, you two – I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage this June at the Morgan Creek Barn!

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