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Make the Most of your Wedding Photography Experience

September 25, 2014

Today I’m sharing some helpful information on how to get the most out of your wedding photographer on the day of your wedding! Whether you’ve hired me, or maybe you’re working with another wonderful photographer, the fact is that you’ve likely spent some good money for someone to capture amazing images of your big day, and rightfully so! Here are some suggestions on how you can ensure that your investment is put to good use!


Make sure that you and your photographer have similar or at least complimentary personalities. Whether you meet in person or communicate beforehand via email/phone/FaceTime, you want to be sure that you are able to match the energy level of your wedding photographer. For example, I’m a very friendly, bubbly, and easily excitable individual. I’m often really chatty in person, and my brides love that because I’m able to break the ice and make them more comfortable while doing so. However, if you’re really quiet and reserved, you might feel a little awkward working with me! :) It’s important that you and your wedding photographer at the very least are able to get along well, since it’s the vendor you’ll be spending the most time with on the day of the wedding!

Lauren and Trevor's Prairie Creek Engagement Photos

This sort of goes along with the importance of getting along with your photographer. When you do an engagement session, you are given a fantastic opportunity to get to know your photographer better, and also see how he/she operates behind the camera! Likewise, your photographer will learn how to help you to loosen up and get comfortable before your wedding day. Plus, you get some time to spend alone with your future spouse amidst all of the craziness of wedding planning. Now that’s a bonus!


I always ask brides for their timelines in advance, and like to have them in my hands no later than one week before the wedding day. This helps everyone to get on the same page well beforehand. For example, if I know when you are getting your hair and makeup done, then I am able to determine whether we will have time to do bridal party photos before the ceremony. Or, if I see that your ceremony is set to begin at 7:00 PM in winter, I know that we are definitely going to have to try to knock out portraits ahead of time to take advantage of the natural light that day. You want to communicate with your photographer as much as possible!

Bride and Groom Portraits in Natural Light

Wedding portraits are so important!


One of the things I hear the most from married friends is that they wish they had more photos of themselves and their spouse on their wedding day. I couldn’t agree more – these are possibly the most important images, as you’re most likely to frame and display them proudly on your wall. I recommend couples designate at least 45 minutes just for portraits of the two of them! Not only will you get the chance to capture the sweet moments right after you’ve said “I do,” but you also will get a breather before being announced as husband and wife into the reception!

Get ready somewhere nice with natural light


You know all of those beautiful, light and airy looking photos you see of brides getting ready with their bridesmaids? It’s a result of a couple of things – first off, they’ve chosen a great place to get ready for their big day. I know a lot of venues and churches have spaces for you to prep, but oftentimes this ends up being a basement or something similar with next to no natural light, icky carpet and wallpaper, and…well, you get the picture. I highly recommend you scout out and secure a place ahead of time for you prepare, and ensure that it has plenty of windows and natural light. Yes, it is ALL about the light! Also, be sure to keep personal items in some sort of order so that as your photographer is taking photos, you don’t have someone’s Thirty-One bag or Chick-Fil-A lunch in the background. (Your photographer should be able to help some with this.)

Have your wedding and bridal details all ready


It’s no fun to be scrambling for things last minute. Have all of your detail items gathered in one place so that when your photographer arrives, he or she can begin taking photos of all the small things that you’ll be wearing or using as you get ready. Don’t forget your earrings, your necklace, your bracelet, and your shoes! Bring your invitation set as well so that your photographer can snag some photos of the stationary. Perfume, makeup, etc. – everything should be in one place! You can even designate someone to remember this for you if it makes it easier. Oh, and … don’t forget your ring!!

Hire a professional makeup artistHire a professional makeup artist


I cannot stress this enough!! I actually recommend having your makeup done for the engagement session, bridal session, and wedding day…actually, any time you have photographs taken, you should have your makeup done! I hear brides so often say that they are afraid to hire a makeup artist because they want to ensure that they look like themselves. Be confident in this: a good makeup artist will make you look like a polished, glowing version of yourself. Brides, most of the photos you’re pinning and saving feature other brides who have had their makeup done. It makes for a polished overall image in person and in photographs. It Trust me on this…and if you need help finding a good makeup artist, I have plenty of recommendations!

Have fun on your wedding day!


So, here’s the thing – your wedding is probably going to run a few minutes late. Someone in the bridal party might embarrass themselves. It might get exceptionally windy, or something else crazy weather-wise. This is not me being a Debbie Downer…it’s me saying, “RELAX! Enjoy your day! Unpreventable stuff happens, but at the end of the day, you’re going to look gorgeous, celebrate with your friends and family, AND walk away with an amazing spouse!” Try to take a deep breath and enjoy the moments that so quickly pass by. A happy and stress-free bride and groom are what makes for amazing photographs. It’s the start of a brand new life together, and you deserve to savor every single second of it!

Relax on your wedding day!

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  1. Melissa Avey says:

    Great post! Diggin’ the gorgeous pictures as well. :)

  2. Carmen says:

    Great post. Definitely great tips for the soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

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