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Chelsea and Marcus: Uptown Dallas Engagement Photos

June 26, 2017

Engaged couple embracing in front of heart mural in Uptown Dallas

An Uptown Dallas Engagement

I like to tell couples that there is ONE fail proof way to make their engagement session fabulous. SMILE, have tons of FUN, and LAUGH! When you’re able to relax and enjoy yourself during your engagement session, your energy will simply radiate through your images! As you’ll soon see, Chelsea and Marcus did just that when we shot their Uptown Dallas engagement photos!

Chelsea and Marcus chose to do their engagement photos in Uptown Dallas because it held special significance to them. They love the overall urban feel of the area. Also, it’s where Marcus proposed to Chelsea! This made it a perfect place for their engagement session! We had a blast getting to know one another better and got some great images in the process!

Uptown Dallas is a great spot for engagement photos for so many reasons!  There are lots of textures, some fun murals, and an urban feel that isn’t too modern.  I especially loved the street lights, park benches, and the vibrant heart mural wall!  Chelsea and Marcus could not have chosen a better location – and they looked amazing, too!

This adorable couple will be tying the knot at The Perot Museum (a favorite Dallas wedding venue!) this July.  Based on all the fun we had during their Uptown Dallas engagement photos, I am positive this wedding is going to follow suit! In the meantime, learn more about Chelsea and Marcus and enjoy their vibrant engagement session photos below!

Engaged couple embracing in front of heart mural in Uptown Dallas
Engaged couple embracing in front of heart mural in Uptown Dallas

Learn More About Chelsea and Marcus

How did you two meet?

Chelsea: “We met online on the app Tinder. Not sure why he swiped right (probably the red hair) and I for sure swiped right because he had a beard! We met in person for the first time at Main Street Bakery in Grapevine.”

How did he propose?

Chelsea: “Oh, that is a funny story! We were supposed to be going to lunch for my Dad’s birthday, so my mom asked me to dress nice and straighten my hair. This has always been a struggle between us, so I was mad! That morning my mom called me again and asked if I had straightened my hair. I lost it! I sat down on the couch and wouldn’t move. My (then) boyfriend kept trying to get me off the couch and go for a walk. I kept saying no, and I even cursed at him – my bad! Finally, my mom called and asked us to meet her at a park. I was feeling a little better but still mad. We got to the park and Marcus sees a boom box. I told him not to play with things that are not his. I called my mom mad because he won’t get away from it. So finally I just started walking away while Marcus yelled at me to come back! He eventually chased me down with the boom box, hit play, play and got down on one knee. Obviously I felt really bad – but I said yes!”

Tell me about the details you’re most excited about for your upcoming wedding!

Chelsea: “I think we are both most excited about the venue, The Perot Museum! Marcus is pumped about getting married in front of the dinosaurs and that it will look like a Trex is about to eat us like in Jurassic Park. I’m excited for it to be at the Perot since it is a science museum (being a science teacher) and it is one of the places we went on our first Valentine’s day together.”

What kind of look were you going for?

Chelsea: “Honestly, we were going for ‘us.’ Marcus was in a fraternity and loves to look dressed up. That’s one thing I have always loved about him. Even though his style may not be my favorite, I love that he puts an effort into the way he looks. I’m not super girly, but I like the more put together and not overly feminine look. Who knows what we actually accomplished? Haha!”

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?

Chelsea: “Dress in something you like, not something you just think will look nice in pictures. You want to look like you. And don’t be afraid to laugh!”

How was your overall session experience?

Chelsea: “Had a blast! Marcus enjoyed actually being close to me in public! Haha!”

Tell me one interesting/unique/funny thing about one another!

Chelsea: “Marcus, even though he dresses like a preppy frat boy, loves hard core music. Anything from screamo to metal to emo punk (especially from the 2000’s, aka our younger years). He sticks out like a sore thumb when he goes to concerts. It’s hilarious and cute at the same time. Marcus finds the fact that I love gangster rap really strange. Doesn’t fit my image. And he thinks it’s strange that I treat my dog like a human. I think he’s insane.”

Engaged couple embracing in front of heart mural in Uptown Dallas
Playful photo of couple standing on sidewalk in Uptown Dallas engagement session
Playful photo of couple standing on sidewalk in Uptown Dallas engagement session
Serene photo of couple sitting on park bench in Uptown Dallas engagement photos
Serene photo of couple sitting on park bench in Uptown Dallas engagement photos

Engagement photos taken of a young couple in Uptown Dallas with engagement ring photo
Classic Uptown Dallas engagement photos
Young couple standing on sidewalk in Uptown Dallas engagement photos
Young modern couple posing for an engagement photo in Uptown Dallas

Uptown Dallas engagement photos of young couple with lights in background
Romantic photo of engaged couple looking at each other in Uptown Dallas
Engaged couple smiling at one another in Uptown Dallas engagement photos

Did you enjoy this Uptown Dallas engagement session, and now want to see more of my work? Feel free to view my website with galleries of more Dallas engagement photography! Whether you’re planning a wedding in Dallas or elsewhere in the DFW metroplex, I would love to hear about your special day and all of the moments leading up to it. Contact Emily Chappell Photography and let me treat you to coffee. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Homayra says:

    Chelsea you are just an amazing girl and love you are unique and pure soul! I am so happy you found the love of your life! Love the part of preppy fray boy you are hilarious! Congratulations on your married!

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